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Demonstration: Automated workflow for real-time, high fidelity 100Gbps defense Save to my Google calendar

CSUC, Corsa Technology, Talaia Networks
13/06/2018 12:45-13:15
Demo Area
The demo is of a complete Traffic Analytics with Automated Enforcement security solution for 100Gbps that detects and mitigates threats related to Indicators of Compromise, anomalies, and key applications. Unlike current attempts to protect 100G links, this demo will show how a high performance control point appliance, with a few lines of REST and best-pf-breed detection and mitigation software can effectively and economically protect the network without compromising network performance or suffering from scale limitations. We will show the results of the test that CSUC, the Catalan RREN did, installing this in-line solution into their existing network with no changes to other elements of the network to strengthen their existing security posture. We will also show how it is possible to migrate from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic workflows using a 2-step approach to mitigation that involves rate limiting as an intermediate step during the incident response phase.




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