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Workshop: International Research Engagement Challenges and Solutions Save to my Google calendar

Sylvia Kuijpers (SURFnet), Jakob Tendel (DFN), Vincenzo Capone (GÉANT), David Salmon (JISC), Mary Hester (SURFnet), Chris Atherton (GÉANT)
11/06/2018 08:00-10:30
Nils Arne
For many campus, regional, national and international networks, Research Engagement is a new area of growth and development. Several entities in R&E have already formed Science Engagement teams or have one or more dedicated person to work with end-users, primarily researchers and educators. By interacting with these teams, we, the R&E community, can help them help the researchers and educators to adopt information and communication technology in their work. Vice versa, these teams can help the R&E community gather requirements for research and education. Individual examples of current practices, trends and solutions in research engagement will be discussed in a set of presentations. After these presentations, there will be the opportunity to discuss and coalesce. During this session, you will learn about different research engagement approaches and examples, discover areas of possible collaboration with other organisations and gather information to adapt to your own research engagement efforts.




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