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Demonstration: Measuring high-speed WIFIs with high density of clients Save to my Google calendar

Javier Aracil (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and Naudit HPCN)
11/06/2018 10:30-11:00
Demo Area
In this demonstration we will show the WIFI measurement tool that is currently being used for certification of academic WIFIs in Spain. The WIFI of more than 16,000 schools is being upgraded to high-speed (IEEE 802.11ac 5GHz) and the presented tool serves to the purpose of certifying the maximum achievable TCP throughput per terminal. To this end, 30 clients are deployed per classroom and 30 more in a nearby interfering space. Such clients are implemented in low-cost residential APs and the solution allows to realistically and cost-effectively assess WIFI's performance under high load.




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