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Kurt Baumann
11/06/2018 14:00-15:30
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The GÉANT PMV SIG (SIG-PMV) is focusing on performance monitoring and verification topics from both a research and operations perspective, and in identifying and establishing best practises for wired/wireless (campus) networks, and the networks that connect them. SIG-PMV activities are open to all interested parties within the GÉANT community (NRENs, universities, research organizations, etc) and international organisations it collaborates with e.g. ESnet, Internet2, user communities etc.

At present there is a wide range of PMV tools available, and their usage varies between communities, based on the requirements, levels of knowledge, and other factors. Examples include use of open source tools such as iperf, commercial tools integrated into vendor platforms, bespoke packages such as perfSONAR, and ‘lightweight’ community initiatives such as the RIPE Atlas project. New work is also emerging in areas such as crowdsourced wireless performance monitoring.

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