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Demonstration: Flexible OVS acceleration with P4 and low profile FPGA card Save to my Google calendar

Matej Vido (CESNET), Pavel Benáček (CESNET) and Jan Kořenek (CESNET)
11/06/2018 13:20-13:50
Demo Area

The demo will show the usage of P4 language for the acceleration of OVS infrastructure. The design consists of the standard OVS environment and P4 processing engine. Firstly, we visualise monitored performance metrics without enabled hardware acceleration.

Secondly, we enable the hardware processing in the generated P4 engine which will lead to the change of monitored performance metrics. The acceleration of OVS using P4 language has many positive consequences, not only improved performance. Since P4 is an open standard, deployment of P4-based infrastructure generally reduces vendor lock-in. Additionally, P4 allows to freely redefine protocols and its processing which enables faster innovation and encourages experimentation.




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