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Intelligent Networks, Cool Edges?

It is my pleasure to invite you to Europe’s foremost research networking conference, TNC18, which will be held in Trondheim, Norway´s tech capital at 63° north, from 10 to 14 June 2018. TNC18 will be hosted by the Norwegian research network UNINETT. It has been 25 years since we last met in Trondheim for a European networking conference.

TNC is the event where the research and education network community comes together to share, demonstrate, discuss and explore networking challenges. I invite you to propose workshops, demonstrations, discussions and presentations about building a better Internet for research and education; and to understand the power and responsibility that comes with open, intelligent and global infrastructure.

The core themes of the conference will be:

The power of the Internet is transforming research and education. Networks are needed everywhere. Sustainable delivery of an infrastructure connecting devices and people with continuing exponential growth is a challenge.

Responsible sustainability and delivery cover global and local aspects, green ICT and blackouts, privacy and sharing, cloud and local control. Share your efforts on securing data, infrastructure and users.

The power of data analytics enables us to get the intelligence out of the network. Data collection must respect social and technical restrictions to ensure security and privacy. The global research network infrastructure requires data collection across domains. How is the digital transformation changing our responsibilities towards data? Show how data is used (or underused?) for communicating performance, value, trouble or excellence.

Creating intelligent complexity. The research networks connect the smartest people on Earth with each other, with the open Internet and with devices of every imaginable kind. Sometimes the network needs to move extremely large amounts of data, fast, sometimes it needs to delve deep into very challenging places.

 Networking at the speed of science is needed to keep up with researchers. TNC18 wants to hear from individuals with inspiring stories about uncommon R&E network challenges, or with learning experiences arising from the consolidation of everyday operations.


We welcome your submissions and your input on the digital transformation of research and education. We look forward to welcoming you to Trondheim.

On behalf of the TNC18 Programme Committee,

Ingrid Melve (UNINETT)

TNC18 Programme Committee Chair