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Title Session
AARCLight study - year 1 findings Regional networks, communities and ecosystems
A Common AAI for Life Science Research Making Communities Work
Activity Data for Assessment and Adaptive Learning Responsible Education
AmLight SDN Looking Glass - Central monitoring system for SDN Intelligent Networks
A new approach to conceive user-focused services and solutions Understanding the connections to stakeholders -- connecting the dots
An Indicator Scoring Method For MISP Platforms Security
A Regional Networking Ecosystem in Eastern Partnership Countries Regional networks, communities and ecosystems
Astronomy & Big Data Science located in Chile at speed of light Building the infrastructure for Big Science
Attribute-based Authentication and Signatures in Practice Surprise me: What's Coming Next In Privacy Innovation
Building IP-Clos Data Centers: the GRNET case DevOps for Network Automation, Orchestration and Integration
Building National Research and Education Networks in Eastern and Southern Africa – the case of KENET in Kenya
Building Software Development Teams for Network Automation People working together
Campus Identity Providers: Providing and Using tookits to deploy Making Federations Work
Cloud Futures – Wider and Deeper Cloud Service Delivery Cloud Futures - widening and deepening the cloud
Cloud Implementations – Delivering cloud IaaS services
Cloud service implementation through the GÉANT Framework Cloud Implementations – Delivering cloud services
CloudStor: GLAMming up the ecosystem inbedded Cloud services.
Collaborative Product Development - A Managed Firewall Service People working together
Declarative Modeling for Cloud Deployments inbedded Cloud services.
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