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Demonstration: Multi-user network service monitoring and fault localization Save to my Google calendar

Pavle Vuletić (University of Belgrade), Pascal Merindol (University of Strasbourg), Henrik Wessing (Technical University of Denmark), Marinos Dimolianis (NTUA), David Schmitz (LRZ), Tobias Appel (LRZ) and Bartosz Bosak (PSNC)
12/06/2018 10:30-11:00
Demo Area
Demonstration of the NetMon system which measures the performance of various network services: those based on legacy technologies like MPLS based L2 and L3 point-to-point and multipoint network services, Ethernet based services, services based on configuration and activation software developed in NREN environment (e.g. NSI based circuits), and based on some future service management styles, like services composed of chained service segments (SFC), NFV based services and those established by SDN. NetMon provides real-time feedback to network operations personnel or users, determines whether those services are performing to specification (SLA verification), and if not is capable to initiate an automated analysis to localise the fault. NetMon is developed in GN4-2 JRA2T4 task. The demonstration will show two instances of the NetMon: one established in production Geant network, and one in virtualized GTS4 environment.




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