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Demonstration: Programmable privacy-preserving network measurement for network usage analysis and trouble shooting Save to my Google calendar

Yan Luo (University of Massachusetts Lowell), Gabriel Ghinita (University of Massachusetts Boston), Cody Bumgardner, (University of Kentucky) and Michael McGarry (University of Texas El Paso)
13/06/2018 10:30-11:00
Demo Area
Network measurement and monitoring are instrumental to network operations, planning and troubleshooting. However, increasing line rates (100+Gbps), changing measurement targets and metrics, privacy concerns, and policy differences across multiple R&E network domains have introduced tremendous challenges in operating such high-speed heterogeneous networks, understanding the traffic patterns, providing for resource optimization, and locating and resolving network issues. There is strong demand for a flexible, high-performance measurement instrument that can empower network operators to achieve the versatile objectives of effective network management, especially effective resource provisioning. In this demonstration, we propose AMIS: Advanced Measurement Instrument and Services to achieve programmable, flow-granularity and event-driven network measurement, sustain scalable line rates, to meet evolving measurement objectives and to derive knowledge for network advancement.




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