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Meeting: Next Generation Identity Federation Technology: Building federations on OpenID Connect Save to my Google calendar

Maarten Kremers (SURFnet), Charlie van Genuchten (SURFnet/GEANT)
14/06/2018 09:00-17:30
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Current identity federations in the academic area are, with almost no exception, SAML2 based. There is however a strong and rising interest for using OpenID Connect as a protocol for identification and authentication. However there is no support for building federations in the basic standards of OpenID Connect for identity federations as we know them currently in the academic area.

Roland Hedberg et al., have written a specification for creating an identity federation using OpenID Connect, hereby taking into account some lessons learned from the identity federations as we know them know. The GN4-2 Trust & Identity Next Generation Technology task is taking the next step by further implementing and developing the specification, with as goal to create running implementations with the tools needed to run it as a federation and the creation of a technology profile for eduGAIN. Running implementations are being developed (Shibboleth, pyOIDC, IOS & Android) in 2017 and pilots with R&E federations will commence in 2018.

After a very successful meeting at TNC2017 with over 35 participants, we want we want to gather again with people involved in the GN4-2 project on this topic and with other interested participants in this work. This in order to review the work, implementations and pilots as well as to get feedback and new ideas on the work from those participants who are not directly involved. Based on this we want to identify new possibilities to collaborate and to identify (new) work to be done.

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