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What does it take to adopt DevOps and SRE? People working together
WebRTC service for educational and research society WebRTC 360 - in the core and to the edges
US R&E Ecosystem Infrastructure Planning Data Transfer Techniques for large volume flows
Using the SIM for the next generation pass for students and staf Wire Free
Users’ fear of the future (and how to ease it) User requirements Odyssey
User requirements odyssey: the great unknown
User-focussed service development in the GeRDI project User requirements Odyssey
Universities and colleges on the safe side Responsible Education
Tuesday plenary key note 2: The impact of Digital Transformation for Research Institutes Tuesday Plenary
Tuesday plenary key note 1: Extreme networks, building a high speed fiber network in the Arctic and Eastern and Southern Africa Tuesday Plenary
Trondheim revisited: from Directory Services to big data Understanding the connections to stakeholders - connecting the dots
Trends in Network and Service Monitoring Trends in network and service monitoring
Transferring Earth observation data around the globe Building the infrastructure for Big Science
Towards the clouds, together Cloud Implementations – Delivering cloud services
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