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WebRTC service for educational and research society

WebRTC technology becomes more and more popular in research and educational societies. Wide scope of technological usage seems to push this technology into one of most important collaboration engines in nearest future. Flexibility and high adaptivity of this standard would most probably make it one of key engines for virtual meetings, remote collaboration, advanced e-learning and similar mechanisms. GÉANT is involved in both creating standards (with W3C) and implementing interactive tools, basing on these standards. For years, a large scale usage of web- and video conferencing has been several hampered by a lack of open and affordable products. Commercial offerings are expensive and use proprietary formats, which are hard to integrate within the IT infrastructure of research and education. GÉANT tries to overcome these obstacles by building an open and free to use web- and video conferencing infrastructure, based around the WebRTC standard. In the last year, substantial progress has been made. In this session, the GEANT video conferencing development team (consisting of members from a number of European NRENs), wants to show and discuss their results. Main aim of this session would be to: - introduce and summarize actual state of the technology, - present own tools for academical society, - underline internal involvement in standardization processes, - analyze potential impact for society, - initialize discussion on potential usage within research, educational and art societies.


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