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Using the SIM for the next generation pass for students and staf

During the presentation at TNC2018, we will reveal the opportunities for the research and education community that stem from new developments in (and changes of) the SIM card. The presentation shows the potentials of using the SIM as the smartcard on the traditional student and employee pass as well as the opportunities that this brings when the SIM is removed from the plastic card and inserted in a smartphone or tablet. The presentation explains that this potentially realizes an open market distribution model for secure applications in smartphones. If time allows, we can demonstrate one or two use cases of applets stored on the smartcard that also hosts the SIM. Examples of demonstration include: using the SIM to gain access to eduroam (as an alternative for username/password) and using an applet on an E-SIM to realize two-factor authentication as a more user-friendly and safer alternative for sending one-time passwords via SMS.


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