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Title Session
Network Management as a Service Trends in network and service monitoring
Next Generation Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs) For Global Science: A Data Transfer Techniques for large volume flows
NIRD Service Platform– a national platform-as-a-service for research: status and future prospective Cloud Futures – NRENs perspectives
NRENs and IoT Security: Challenges and Opportunities Surprise me: What's Coming Next In Privacy Innovation
On the Road to Automation through OSS-Network Integration DevOps for Network Automation, Orchestration and Integration
Opening Plenary key note 1 : Embodied vulnerabilities – Why I am hacking my own heart Opening Plenary
Opening Plenary key note 1: Quantum Technology
OpenINTEL: security benefits from actively measuring 60% of the global DNS every 24 hours Security above the network
Operator, please! eduroam Switchboard
Organic Self-Adjusting Optical Networks Dynamic Networks
Performance Measuring and Monitoring Trends in network and service monitoring
Performance Verification Monitoring Trends in network and service monitoring
Petascale data architectures for portals and computing centers Intelligent Networks
Power for Base Stations Lightning Talk Plenaries - Second Strike
Proactive Management of Your Federation Making Federations Work
Promoting the implementation of low cost weather stations
Real Life Cloud: moving a service to a cloud provider Cloud Futures – NRENs perspectives
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