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NIRD Service Platform– a national platform-as-a-service for research: status and future prospective

NIRD - the National Infrastructure for Research Data - provides data storage for research projects as well as storage capacity for the HPC systems, for the national archive and other services requiring a storage backend. The NIRD is operated by Sigma2, with strong technical support from the IT-departments of the four oldest universities in Norway. The data stored on the NIRD storage disk are accessible also through the NIRD Service Platform (SP), consisting of computing capacity connected directly to the NIRD storage infrastructure. On the SP, services – web-services, scientific software and community specific portals – are running into Docker containers, and the underlining resources are managed and orchestrated by the Kubernetes infrastructure. The SP is flexible and versatile, cost effective and can serve a number of different use cases in research. The SP will also be connected with the AppStore, a portal to specify resources and access software through a one-click install mechanism. Through the AppStore, not only generic tools for educational and research but also specific tools for statistical analysis, big data analytics and machine learning/artificial intelligence will be easily available to researchers. Furthermore, it will be possible for the end-user to upload their own tool and share it within and across user communities.
In this talk, you will hear about the status of the NIRD storage and NIRD service platform, the user scenarios currently served by this infrastructure and Sigma2s perspective into a future national e-infrastructure that is able to meet researchers’ needs, in line with the nowadays paradigms of Open and Reproducible Science.


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