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Bridging the gap - Higher Education and the job market

Network engineering graduates starting their careers with an organisation that is or will become a RIPE NCC member have a knowledge and skills gap regarding RIPE NCC-related content. The development of the RIPE NCC Academy is a result of the growing necessity for more online learning presence to address our members’ learning needs. Under the RIPE NCC Academy umbrella, we have developed the Academic Partnership Programme to bridge the gap between what is taught in higher education institutions and what young network engineering graduates need to know when entering the job market. Our goal is to provide higher education students with an accredited online learning programme about the Internet ecosystem and how the Internet works. We are developing our pilot course together with the American University of Beirut. As there are different regulations on a country level on the requirements to grant credits to an E-Learning course, we expect to make some adjustments for all the institutions that are interested in partnering with us. This first online course will launch in spring 2018. In parallel, we will meet with other universities interested in joining us in this programme. By presenting at TNC, we would like to make the different universities and Gèant partners aware of this programme and, as a result, have more interested parties in collaborating with us.


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