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A new tool for network telemetry analytics

In order to cope with the increasing complexities of managing existing network services, addressing the growing demand for new network services in addition to the ability to capture, and keep vital historical records of where a service have been physically connected and deployed overtime, avoid manual synchronisation upon service migration, and loss of data granularity. GEANT is exploiting a new telemetry solution that reduces some of the above challenges and is capable of automatically identifying a service when it comes live, provide input for business intelligence, analytics and possible new opportunities. Other benefits of the telemetry solution, includes separation of concerns and resource optimisation as memory, CPU and I/O requirements differ for each module within the application. In this lightening talk, we identify the opportunities for a new solution and present GEANT Poller Telemetry Solution; a suite of applications consisting of loosely coupled components using an event-based architecture that leverages on a message broker middleware.


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