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SCIONLab: A Deployment of the SCION Secure Internet Architecture

The SCION secure Internet architecture has reached a level of maturity, which renders it ready today for large-scale pilot service deployment. SCION enables support for research activities in areas that are difficult to evaluate on the current Internet such as: multipath communication, advanced and highly secure PKI systems, in-network DDoS defenses, next-generation routing architecture policy definitions, path-aware applications, and path-based inter-domain routing architectures. In this talk, we will present SCIONLab, a deployment of the SCION architecture which specifically aims to support Next-Generation Internet (NGI) and security research activities, providing a scalable and reliable platform for future Internet applications, e.g., IoT. SCIONLab provides a platform for NGI research, enabling real-world research that is otherwise only possible in simulated environments. Furthermore, SCIONLab facilitates the interaction with other deployed SCION networks and services, yet SCIONLab’s value proposition compared to Planetlab is distinct in that SCIONLab nodes themselves contribute to the routing within the SCION topology, enabling a broader range of applications by allowing researchers to attach their own computing resources anywhere within the SCIONLab network. The SCION prototype software is in its 5th generation, and is running in test environments at SWITCH, Swisscom, and ETH Zurich, over the past 18 months. We have already started to put together the SCIONLab administration software, which can be accessed at Moreover, we have successfully ran a course assignment in a network security course over the prototype SCIONLab environment. In the talk, we will present first results from this setup. More details can be found in our book:



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