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eduroam Troubleshooting 2.0

Unbeknownst to all but the most technology-savvy end users connecting to an eduroam hotspot, there is a surprising number of architectural components which all need to function nominally for the connection and subsequent network usage experience to work smoothly. During national, and even more so international, roaming, these components are operated by a multitude of different entities, and there is no global oversight over all the components involved. Additionally, even when all components individually work as expected, interoperability issues sometimes cause issues of their own (e.g. undue VLAN assignments). As a consequence, failures – if any – almost always only affect a subset of the architecture, are typically not discovered in real-time by operations personnel, and are hard to reproduce for anyone who is not on the path and/or nearby. eduroam R&D is focusing on improvements on diagnostics and fault-finding and communication between all operators, both reactively (giving users real-time and active guidance in case of connection problems) and proactively (by monitoring the involved components and corresponding log files).



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